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RPC Ltd. is a professional and experienced in the field of prevention and control of pests.
The company was founded in 2009 by Mr. Roy Samuel, has an experience of about - 20 years.
Our company has been working under full supervision of the ministries, the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health and the Veterinary Services.
We specialize in providing effective solutions for professional pest control companies and to the public. The Company’s staff of employees includes some of the most senior and leading professionals in Israel The company operates with a focus on research, development and implementation of advanced technological solutions that reduce the use of pesticides and thus reducing the risk of them.
These solutions are based on an effective response to specific pest and this in strict adherence to the safety of human environment, animal and plant life.
Our company has developed several exclusive products, which led to a revolution in the field of pest control in Israel and expanded treatment options with minimum use of toxins.
Our advantage is a winning combination of service, the accumulated experience and proven ability in implementing effective solutions to the control of a wide range of pests.
We will be happy to provide the highest quality of our products.

This is part of our commitment to your success. Customer satisfaction is the basis for our company. 
Accordingly, we put an emphasis on courteous service, professional and responsible. We retain and ensure the created image and credibility among our customers.
We will be glad to see you among our clients.
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